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Promoting a Solar Future; A Sustainable Commitment

Our Commitment: To promote a solar powered future; a sustainable commitment

  • Because solar energy is cleaner and technologically feasible in a wide variety of geographic locations.
  • Because it generates very predictable power and at peak consumption hours.
  • Because it strengthens National energy security.
  • Because it is up to 30 times less polluting than conventional energy.
  • Because it does not emit greenhouse gases responsible for global warming (CO2) and acid rain (SO2 and NOX).
  • Because it does not produce hazardous waste that is difficult to treat later.
  • Because projects have a long life, are quite, simple and easy to maintain.
  • Because it promotes equality between regions and accessibility.
  • Because it is quick to deploy, with instant maximum generation available.
  • Because it can be located at the point of consumption, no need for lengthy distribution cabling.